Basic Program Tutorials

Once you have your program, you may feel at a loss as to where to start with it.   Especially if you have never used a photo editing program before.   There are of course lots of on-line help information with each program, but if you are trying out one of  these editing programs, a lot of the help is geared to working with and editing photos, and not how to make a scrapbook page.  I have done a lot of searching the web, so here are some links that I found very helpful.

There are lots of free tutorials on-line to help you get started.   Especially with Photo Shop Elements (PSE)  or Paint Shop Pro (PSP).  Here are a couple links to get you started…

Here is a video tutorial for making your first layout with PSE from the Shabby Princess, that I found very helpful when I was first learning to use PSE.

And here is a link to the whole list of tutorials from the Shabby Princess

Here is a link to a tutorial using the free program Paint.Net

This is a link my daughter came across for GIMP users.  I haven’t actually used any of these tutorials, as I don’t use this program, but it looks like a great site.  So if you are wanting to use a free program, and have a good resource for tutorials for it, this looks like it might be the place to start. 😉

My Memories has a whole set of tutorials for using their program, you can find them here:

There are lots of classes and tutorials out there that you can sign up for.  Just google for them.  I came across tons, but I’m not going to link them to this page, just because I haven’t personally taken any of them and I don’t know how they are.

The most important thing is to just jump in and have fun.  Once you get some basics down of how your program works, you will learn the most, just by playing with it.  So jump in and have some fun! 😉

If you find some good tutorials and would like to share, feel free to add links in the comments.  🙂


One thought on “Basic Program Tutorials”

  1. Sad to say, that DigitalScrapbookPlace, is going out of business. So all links for them will not be valid after May 31, 2014. 😦

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