Bendecidas para Bendecir

“Blessed to Bless”, because God has blessed us we can bless others.  The goal of this ministry is to reach out to families in need in our community and give them a box of staples once a month.  In addition to the staple foods, we try to add some fresh vegetables, and something “extra”, to the box.

These boxes are costing  about $25 each.  People in our church helped by donating some of the products.   We helped 20 families on the first day we started!   Here are some photos from  May 2, 2015.

IMG_0640 IMG_0680 IMG_0713 IMG_0703

IMG_0687This coming month we have 25 families signed up, with 5 more on a waiting list.  We are grateful that a couple local businesses have stepped up this month, donating some things for the boxes.   This ministry has been a huge step of faith for our church and our family.  The need is great.  I am thankful that my God is even greater!


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