Everyday Productivity Tips…

Do you enjoy scrapbooking, but you just don’t know how to make the time to do it?  Do your days seem to be full to overflowing with just living and while you would enjoy taking the time to preserve the memories that make up the pieces of your daily life, the thought of adding just one more thing is overwhelming?


This is a great article by Jennifer Wilson from Simple Scrapper.

Simple Scrapper – Simple scrapbooking ideas, tips and tutorials.

What is one thing you could do to find time to scrapbook?

The fact is you don’t have to have hours and hours, nor do you have to finish a huge photo book, in one sitting.  I often find that I put off doing things, because I can only see a huge task before me, and it seems impossible to complete.  But, when I start taking that same task apart and breaking it into smaller chunks, I seem that it really isn’t impossible.

Take that first step today, and start preserving the the beautiful Mosaic of Memories that make the pieces of your life!

Happy Scrapping!


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